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If you've never heard of Amsoil, they produce the finest lubricants money can buy. Yes, this is my opinion and others may not agree, but my opinion is based upon 40 years of hands-on experience with a broad spectrum of machines such as 2-stroke and 4-stroke dirt bike and motorcycle engines, primary chaincases and transmissions, regular car and truck engines and automatic and manual transmissions, differentials and transfer cases, diesel engines, boat engines and outdrives and racing engines with as much as 2000+ horsepower and their racing transmissions. I've been an Amsoil dealer since 2004, when I discovered how much better it is than anything else I'd ever used. That's why it's the ONLY lubricant I use in any of my own vehicles and the primary lubricant on our shelves. Stop in sometime and I'll share my experiences with you, personally. I can go on and on for hours about how awesome it is. Click                 to learn about all the Amsoil products and how they can benefit you!              


Oil is NOT oil! There is a difference, a HUGE difference. Not all petroleum oils perform the same and the same is true for synthetics. There are a couple super high quality petroleum oils that can actually out-perform the lower quality synthetics, but no oil, petroleum or synthetic, will outperform Amsoil, in my opinion.  

SO WHY IS IT SO GREAT? It saves you time, money (in two ways) and effort and it provides the best protection for your engine! It also makes your engine smoother running. Most engine wear occurs during the first engine start of the day, when the oil has had many hours to drain back into the oil pan and cool, at the bottom of the engine. This problem is significantly worse in cold temperatures because cold oil doesn't flow as freely and is harder to pump.  Under all conditions and in all climate's, Amsoil will significantly reduce this wear because it flows so well that it can get to your critical engine components in a fraction of the time of other oils, especially ANY petroleum oils. In addition to its flow properties, Amsoil slashes friction and friction is your engine's (and wallet's) worst enemy! This reduction of friction is beneficial in many ways:

  1.  BETTER FUEL ECONOMY: your engine won't have to overcome as much of it's own power robbing friction, sending more of its power to your tires. You won't have to give it as much gas to go the same speeds, improving fuel economy and saving you gas money! And that makes it more GREEN too!

  2.  LESS WEAR: less wear increases the life of your engine and it causes your engine to produce less wear particle contaminants in the oil, increasing the life of your oil and filter.  

  3.  REDUCED HEAT: less friction=less heat, making it easier for your engine's cooling system to keep your engine at its normal operating temperature....a huge benefit during our blistering hot AZ summers!

  4. LESS EXPENSIVE & LESS FREQUENT OIL CHANGES: Amsoil is a little more expensive per quart, but don't let that scare you away before you do the math. It saves you serious time and money throughout the year! Let's compare regular petroleum oil to synthetic Amsoil XL grade using the following conditions: 12,000 miles driven/year, 5 quart capacity, $5/qt petroleum vs $9.85/qt Amsoil XL, $15 petroleum filter vs $20 filter with Amsoil XL, $20 shop fee.

    1. Petroleum: 4000 mile oil change interval=3 oil/filter changes and 3 trips to the shop per year. Costs: $75 (oil), $45 (filter), $60 shop fee. Total: $180 per year

    2. Amsoil XL: XL is a 12,000 mile oil/filter change interval=1 oil/filter change and 1 trip to the shop per year. Costs: $49.25 (Amsoil oil), $20 (filter), $20 shop fee. Total: $89.25 per year.


As you can see in #4, Amsoil saved you $90.75 on oil changes that year, saved you 2 trips to the shop to get the work done, better protected your engine and saved you money on fuel costs. It more than pays for itself. Even if you could get your petroleum oil for $1/qt with a $5 filter ($90/year), Amsoil will still save you money, time & hassle and is so much better for your engine!

For domestic and asian vehicles: Amsoil offers fully synthetic OE, XL and Signature Series grades. Think of them this way: Good=O.E., Better=XL, Best=Signature Series. OE must be changed at the vehicle manufacturers recommended interval or in accordance with the vehicle oil life monitoring system or 1 year. XL  is a 12,000 mile or 1 year oil change interval. Signature Series is up to 25,000 mile or 1 year oil change interval and must be used with an Amsoil Ea filter. We stock all three grades in 0W-20, 5W-20 & 5W-30.

For European vehicles: such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, etc., we stock fully synthetic European 0W-40, 5W-30 & two different 5W-40's. MEuropean grades must be changed at OEM intervals.

For diesel trucks: We carry three grades of fully synthetic 15W-40 diesel oil. If your truck is pre-2007, Amsoil can extend your drain intervals to up to 25,000 miles. Huge savings with such high sump capacities!

All Amsoil oils mentioned above are fully synthetic and EASILY surpass any turbo requirements. Use of Amsoil products and extended drain intervals does NOT void the manufacturers warranty (prevented by law) and Amsoil warrants their products as well.

See our "TIPS" tab for myths and truths about synthetic oils.

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